washing your boobs is the most fun part of showering by far because when they are soapy they are so slippery and soft and it is the greatest form of entertainment

whoa what

and with one single post, you’ve given every straight male and homosexual female a boner. 

I like putting the soap bar between them and seeing how far I can launch it. I busted a light that way once tho.

That-that sounds pretty impressive, actually

Everything about this post speaks to my soul

Would it absolutely fucking kill you to show how much I mean to you? You say all the time how I can depend on you and that you’re proud of me and that you’ll always be there for me. Where in the hell is the evidence? I’m sick of you being the source of all the negativity in my life. If you’re so fucking glad to have me around then why don’t you show it?? I’m just this problem in your life. I’m supposed to be your child, but let me tell you something. I haven’t felt that way in the past eight years. I was twelve when you started all this bullshit. You want me to act like part of the family? Treat me that way. I’m not your live in nanny. My unconditional love has run out. I’m done.